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rhq-client-ejb: Remote JAVA API example - EJB Client

  • Author:
  • Contributors: Sande Gilda
  • Published: Jan 08, 2014
  • Level: Beginner
  • Technologies:EJB, JNDI, JBoss ON
  • Target Product:JBoss ON

What is it?

This quickstart shows how to interract with JBoss ON server via remote EJB calls.

System requirements

The application this project produces is designed to be run with Red Hat JBoss Operations Network 3.2.0 or later.

All you need to build this project is Java 6.0 (Java SDK 1.6) or later, Maven 3.0 or later.

You may need to setup EJB authentication if you run this quickstart on remote JON Server. You can either [completely disable] ( EJB remote security or create new user in ApplicationRealm on JON server and setup credetials for client (see [] (src/main/java/org/rhq/remoting/ejbclient/examples/

Configure Maven

If you have not yet done so, you must Configure Maven before testing the quickstarts.

Start the JBoss ON Server

You can skip this step in case you already have JBoss ON instance running on

  1. Open a command line and navigate to the root of the JBoss ON server directory.
  2. The following shows the command line to start the server:

     For Linux:   RHQ_HOME/bin/rhqctl start --server
     For Windows: RHQ_HOME\bin\rhqctl.bat start --server

Build and Run the Quickstart

NOTE: The following build command assumes you have configured your Maven user settings. If you have not, you must include Maven setting arguments on the command line. See Configure Maven for complete instructions and additional options.

NOTE: system property is optional, if you don't supply it localhost is used instead.

  1. Make sure you have started the JBoss Server as described above.
  2. Open a command line and navigate to the root directory of this quickstart.
  3. Type this command to build quickstart:

     mvn clean install -DskipTests
  4. Type this command to run quickstart:

     mvn exec:java<your JON server host> 

Run the tests

These tests automate many of the tasks performed when your run the quickstart manually.

    mvn test<your JON server host>

Recent Changelog

  • Jan 8, 2014(Sande Gilda):Modify quickstart README files to link to root README Maven instructions plus other enhancements
  • Dec 4, 2013(Libor Zoubek):Initial import of remote java api client samples
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