Getting started with Red Hat build of Quarkus

Kubernetes-native Java with low memory footprint, fast boot times for microservices and serverless applications.

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Getting started with Quarkus

10 minutes | Beginner

Learn Quarkus basics by standing up a straightforward application serving a hello endpoint.


Quarkus for Spring Boot Developers

15 minutes | Beginner

Use Spring annotations for Spring Data, Web, and Dependency Injection by building a Quarkus application that integrates (via JPA) with an underlying database, injects beans using Spring DI, and expose them as RESTful endpoints via Spring Rest.


Reactive Streaming with Quarkus and Kafka

15 minutes | Beginner

Build a streaming application using MicroProfile reactive streams messaging and Apache Kafka, a distributed streaming platform.


Effective data with Hibernate and Panache from Quarkus

15 minutes | Beginner

Learn about Quarkus and Hibernate ORM with Panache to create supersonic, subatomic Java applications with simplified Hibernate queries.

Generate Quarkus code

Bootstrap your Quarkus application and discover the vast extension ecosystem.

What is Quarkus?

Quarkus is a Kubernetes-native Java framework crafted from best-of-breed Java libraries and standards with amazingly fast boot times and incredibly low RSS memory (not just heap size!) in container orchestration platforms like Kubernetes.


Container first

Imperative and reactive

Developer joy

Libraries and standards

Quarkus community

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The Red Hat build of Quarkus is based on the popular Quarkus community project. If you have a new feature request, want to create an extension, or want to create an extension, or want to apply your skills toward a project, consider getting involved.


The latest on Quarkus

Migrating Spring Boot tests to Quarkus

Migrating Spring Boot tests to Quarkus

July 17, 2020

As developers, we don’t always consider test migration when we think about adopting a new framework. Tests are important, however, because they ensure that our code meets its requirements and works as desired, especially when we add new features and functionality. Test migration is an essential part of migrating to a new application development framework. […]

Generate automated Grafana metrics dashboards for MicroProfile apps

Generate automated Grafana metrics dashboards for MicroProfile apps

July 10, 2020

Grafana is an awesome visualization tool for seeing real-time metrics from your applications, and you can combine it with MicroProfile and similar tools to create one dashboard for multiple projects. Different projects use different names for metrics, however, so it is often necessary (and tedious) to handcraft the metrics for each project. Moreover, each project […]

Automate workshop setup with Ansible playbooks and CodeReady Workspaces

Automate workshop setup with Ansible playbooks and CodeReady Workspaces

July 3, 2020

At Red Hat, we do many in-person and virtual workshops for customers, partners, and other open source developers. In most cases, the workshops are of the “bring your own device” variety, so we face a range of hardware and software setups and corporate endpoint-protection schemes, as well as different levels of system knowledge. In the […]

Debugging GraalVM-native images using gdb

Debugging GraalVM-native images using gdb

June 25, 2020

The GraalVM project includes, amongst other capabilities, a component called GraalVM Native Image. GraalVM Native Image supports the delivery of Java applications as shrink-wrapped, self-contained, standalone executables, commonly referred to as Java-native images. Native images often have a smaller footprint and faster startup time compared to running the same application in the traditional way on […]

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