Red Hat Mobile Application Platform

A development and deployment platform for creating mobile apps in an agile and flexible manner.

Red Hat Mobile Application Platform

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Instructions for Installation

  1. For more details, view the Product Documentation.


Sign up for OpenShift account. It’s easy – email, password and verify you aren’t a spam bot. Don’t have an account? Get one here:

Set up

  1. Apply for access to Red Hat Mobile Application Platform at

  2. Click request an invite. Provide your name, email and company name. Click Sign up.

  3. You will receive an email with the link to accept access. Then you are all set.

Get started with Cloud

  1. Click the link in your email or visit and log-in using your OpenShift Online account.

  2. Create your new domain.

    Create a domain

  3. Insert domain of your choice and click create.

  4. Click Projects.

    Projects screen

  5. Click New Project.

  6. Choose a Template screen, choose Hello World Project by clicking choose.

  7. Name your project, we choose Hello World, and click Create.

  8. Once progress bar turns green click Finish.

  9. In Apps, Cloud Apps and Services screen, click Cloud App box.

  10. In left navigation click Deploy.
    Note: The top right “development” box is red, indicating the app is not running.

  11. Click Deploy Cloud App.
    Note: This can take ~5-7 minutes the first time. After initial set-up it will complete much faster.

  12. You can continue on or wait for the deployment to turn green. Click Apps, Cloud Apps and Services in navigation to take you back to your project.

    Click Apps

  13. Click Cordova Light App.

  14. You can select your mobile device or go straight to typing within the mobile device shown. Enter your name and click Say Hello From the Cloud. You should see Hello [your name] appear.

    App details

  15. Once above is completed address the Client side. In the left navigation, click Build.

  16. Click Android.

  17. Click Build.

  18. If you have an Android phone you can scan the QR code to install directly onto your device.

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