Red Hat JBoss Fuse

A lightweight and modular integration platform

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Red Hat JBoss Fuse


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Red Hat JBoss Fuse is an agile, lightweight, and modern integration platform that breaks down traditional data center boundaries.

A true hybrid solution that interconnects all enterprise assets, while creating and composing microservices with enterprise class integration patterns, and supporting modern microservice architecture, Red Hat Fuse has embraced container technology to enhance the DevOps experience.


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Red Hat JBoss Fuse enables developers to take an Agile Integration approach when developing solutions. By building and composing microservices, Fuse allows distributed systems deployments and a focus on scaling of services and people.

A Camel-based Integration Focus


Leveraging Apache Camel, it comes with over 160 built-in components. The natural ability of adopting Smart endpoints and Simple pipelines also provides a full-featured, easy-to-use and intuitive framework that embraces the Enterprise Integration Pattern for quicker integration solutions.





Getting away from the traditional monolithic integration, Red Hat JBoss Fuse allows developers to build lightweight modularized routing for isolation of failures with smaller impacts and quicker recoveries. Additionally, JBoss Fuse’s Event Driven Architecture simplifies complex data processing. 




API First 


Building an API based architecture with Red Hat JBoss Fuse could not be more simple. JBoss Fuse is intuitive and simple to configure using Camel REST. Further, developers can design and document, RESTful APIs using Swagger technology for better collaboration. With Red Hat 3Scale API management options, API security and performance, Billings are also taken care of.  

Better Developer Experience


Allows developers to focus on what’s important: integration between systems. Red Hat Fuse’s drag and drop, visual data mappers, runtime and remote debugger toolings provide an easy, no-mess development experience. Maven-based tooling allows developers to build and run applications as containers allowing for a unified development experience, whether it’s on a laptop, on a server, or in the cloud.




Supporting the legacies 


Supports connectivity to legacy systems, in addition to agile integration developments. Large commercial systems like SAP, and traditional ESBs that utilize web services through SOAP, XML, File and FTP general Database connections, are supported through Red Hat Fuse. 

Container-Based Architecture


With the freedom to develop and manage in popular container standards, from OSGI-based Apache Karaf, to Java EE based JBoss EAP, and Spring-Boot, JBoss Fuse allows you to package and deploy lightweight containers in distributed environments to allow for fault isolation and consistence settings.


Enterprise class container management - Kubernetes


Manage and orchestrate lightweight containers with Openshift, Kubernetes, and Fabric8. JBoss Fuse allows you to provide service discovery, automatic load balancing and high availability among other complex distributed microservices. 


Hybrid Deployment 


By containerizing applications, Red Hat JBoss Fuse can be deployed in either the cloud or on-premise behind a firewall. Being a true hybrid platform, JBoss Fuse allows applications to move freely between the two distinct environments. 





Continuous Improvement


Simplifies pipeline construction for faster and safer software delivery. Utilize Jenkins to allow for automatic testing, enable deployment and release best practices, and with native Continuous Integration and Deployment support, JBoss Fuse allows teams to work more collaboratively with faster software delivery.



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Let's walk through everything you need to build your first application.

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