Red Hat Development Suite

A fully integrated development environment for modern enterprise development.

Red Hat Development Suite

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1. Download Red Hat Development Suite

Use the Red Hat Development Suite installer to get the latest development tools from Red Hat:

Download the Red Hat Development Suite 1.4 installer. For the download, you will need to register with

2. Installation

  1. Double click on the downloaded file to launch the installer. 

  2. Enter your Red Hat Developers username and password, and click Log in.


    NOTE: If you haven’t directly downloaded the Red Hat Development Suite from Red Hat Developers, your account may not have the correct entitlements to install the Container Development Kit. The easiest way to add the entitlements is to visit Red Hat Developers and initiate a download of the Red Hat Development Suite. We are working on a fix to enable you to add the entitlements to your account without starting a new download.

  3. Choose the folder you wish to use to install Red Hat Development Suite, and click Next.


  4. Select components to install:

    • By default, Red Hat Development Suite will install Red Hat JBoss Developer Studio which includes IDE tooling for container development. Should you prefer not to install Developer Studio:
      • Uncheck the box next to RED HAT JBOSS DEVELOPER STUDIO.
      • You will still be able to use Red Hat Container Development Kit and Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform through the command line and the browser.
      • You can also choose not to install OpenJDK 8.
    • To use the Red Hat Container Development Kit you will need a hypervisor to run the included Red Hat Enterprise Linux VM. For Windows, the default choice is Hyper-V, which is included with many newer versions of Windows but is not enabled by default. If Hyper-V is not enabled, Development Suite will install VirtualBox. For more information, see the CDK 3.0 installation guide.

    Then, click Download & Install.


  5. The Red Hat Development Suite installer then downloads the the selected components and any supporting components that are required. 


  6. Click Close the installer


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