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Perform inference using Intel OpenVINO Model Server on OpenShift

Audrey Reznik + 1

In this article, you will learn how to perform inference on JPEG images using the gRPC API in OpenVINO Model Server in OpenShift. Model servers play an important role in smoothly bringing models from development to production. Models are served via network endpoints which expose an APIs to run predictions.

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End-to-end field-level encryption for Apache Kafka Connect

Hans-Peter Grahsl

This article introduces end-to-end encryption for data integration scenarios built on top of Apache Kafka using Kafka Connect together with the open-source library Kryptonite for Kafka.

Node.js reference architecture

Join the Red Hat team at NodeConf EU 2022

Lucas Holmquist

Get an introduction to Node.js cloud-native development and explore lesser-known Node.js Core modules with the Red Hat team at NodeConfEU 2022.