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Kafka Monthly Digest: July 2022

Mickael Maison

The latest installment in this monthly column covers improvements in Apache Kafka, including the release in progress, 3.3.0, the latest release, 3.2.1, and recent Kafka Improvement Proposals.

Kubernetes, Eclipse JKube, and Red Hat (OpenShift) featured image

How to configure Helm charts using JKube, part 2

Rohan Kumar

Discover how to customize Helm charts and registries with the advanced configuration of the Eclipse JKube OpenShift Maven Plugin. (This is part 2 of a series.)


How to use Go Toolset container images

Alejandro Sáez Morollón

Red Hat extends support for Go with the Go Toolset container image. Learn about Go Toolset’s features and how to integrate images with developer tools.