Develop consumers and producers in Java

Continue your Apache Kafka journey by developing consumers and producers in Java to stream data using Red Hat OpenShift Streams for Apache Kafka.

Produce and consume songs

Open a new terminal and use curl to open a stream receiving server-sent events from the consumer application (song-indexer-app):

$ curl http://localhost:9090/events

Open another terminal and POST an event to the producer application (song-app) using curl. This command writes a song message to the Kafka songs-catalog topic:

$ curl -X POST \

-d '{"id":1000,"name":"Portals","author":"Alan Silvestri"}' \

-H 'content-type:application/json' \


To verify that the song has been processed, check terminal 2 (song-indexer-app) for the following log line:

Song {"author":"Alan Silvestri","id":1000,"name":"Portals","op":"ADD"} indexed

In terminal 3, you should see that an event has been printed by the HTTP client receiving the consumed messages from Kafka via server-sent events:

data: {"author":"Alan Silvestri","id":1000,"name":"Portals","op":"ADD"}

Congratulations! You have successfully run a Java-based producer and a Java-based consumer that exchange messages via your managed Kafka instance.

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