No matter where you are in your software development career, from just starting, to re-training, to expert-level but needing a brush-up, the Red Hat Developer program can help with tutorials and learning.

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OpenShift and Kubernetes training

Follow along our curated learning paths in cutting edge skills and workloads involving OpenShift and Kubernetes.

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Featured learning paths

Path 1: Deploy a Spring application on OpenShift

8 Hours

19 learning resources

This hands on experience will introduce you to developing on OpenShift. Learn how to access OpenShift from the command line, deploy an existing Spring application, and scale up your application to handle increased web traffic.

Path 2: Develop with GitOps

2 Hours

4 learning resources

Use GitOps and OpenShift Pipelines to implement Kubernetes-native CI/CD, automate and manage app deployment.

Developed by Christian Hernandez, Natale Vinto, and Dewan Ahmed

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Learning changes

We have started using a new learning platform called Insrtuqt. Some Katacoda lessons and courses have been unpublished as a result of this update; others have migrated to Instruqt. Please note that this is still a work in progress, and we appreciate your patience.

All interactive lessons

Below you will find our full library of individual interactive ‘lessons’. We also have several interactive ‘courses’, which are comprised of multiple related lessons. Browse all tutorial courses.


Apache Kafka basics

10 minutes | Beginner

This scenario will show how to deploy and connect to Apache Kafka on Kubernetes.


Working with Helm

10 minutes | Beginner

This scenario will get you familiar with how to use Argo CD to deploy Helm charts.


Getting Started with Helm 3 on OpenShift

30 minutes | Intermediate

Learn how to use the Helm package manager. It can help you manage and deploy applications on OpenShift.


Getting Started with OpenShift Serverless

10 minutes | Beginner

Use this self-paced tutorial to learn the basics of OpenShift Serverless, a development model that removes the overhead of server provisioning and maintenance from the developer.


Build applications into container images

10 minutes | Beginner

Use this lab to learn how to install additional software into a container image.


Installing Software using Package Managers

10 minutes | Beginner

Learn how to use Package Managers to reduce user errors, and how to automate numerous installation steps for installing and updating software.


Linux commands for beginners

10 minutes | Beginner

Learn a useful series of must-know commands, from finding files to checking the status of system resources.


Red Hat Enterprise Linux learning lab

10 minutes | Beginner

Use this open environment to find resources associated with the Linux topics that mean the most to you.


Getting started with syncwaves and hooks

30 minutes | Beginner

This scenario will get you get familiar with syncwaves and hook phases.


Working with Kustomize

30 minutes | Beginner

This guide helps you get familiar with how to use Kustomize on Argo CD on OpenShift.

Red Hat training catalog

Some of our favorite courses just for you from the Red Hat Training catalog.

cloud native app

Developing Cloud-Native Applications with Microservices Architecture

Cloud computing

This free course will teach you how to combine different frameworks and tools into a microservices architecture that fits your organizational needs.

containerized app

Red Hat OpenShift Development II: Containerizing Applications

Cloud computing

In this course, you will learn how to design, build, and deploy containerized software applications on an OpenShift cluster.


Red Hat Application Development I: Programming in Java EE

App services
App development

This course exposes experienced Java Standard Edition (Java SE) developers to the world of Java Enterprise Edition (Java EE).

microservices architecture

Red Hat Cloud-native Microservices Development with Quarkus

App services
Microservices development

You will build on application development fundamentals and focus on how to develop, monitor, test, and deploy modern microservices applications.

openshift admin

Red Hat OpenShift I: Containers & Kubernetes

OpenShift admin

This course introduces building and managing Docker containers for deployment on a Kubernetes cluster. This course helps students build core knowledge and skills in managing containers through hands-on experience with Docker, Kubernetes, and Red Hat® OpenShift Container Platform.


Camel Integration and Development with Red Hat Fuse on OpenShift

App services
Camel development

This is a hands-on, lab-based course that gives Java™ developers and architects an understanding of Apache Camel and the enhancements and tools Red Hat offers in support of Camel development.

Learning Subscription for Developers

This one-year subscription provides access to all Red Hat developer-related online training and video classroom courses, as well as 10 eBook downloads, 100 hours of hands-on labs, and three exam attempts for developer certifications. Find out how an individual subscription can expand container-based and other developer knowledge for you and your team. 

With the Learning Subscription, you'll learn about application development techniques with Red Hat OpenShift, Red Hat Middleware, Red Hat Fuse, Containers, Kubernetes, Microservices, Linux, Java EE, Apache Camel, and more.