Publish changes

Now you can show the customized developer portal to your audiences:

  1. Go back to the browser tab of the admin portal. Navigate to Audience→Developer Portal→Drafts and click Publish All.
Figure 11: Publish the drafts of the changes made to customize the developer portal.


  1. When prompted to confirm the changes, click OK.
  2. Go to the browser tab with the developer portal preview, and select Published. Note that your changes are now published to the developer portal.
  3. Click SIGN IN at the top right and log in as the test-dev developer account with the password you provided in part 6 of Learning Resource #2.
  4. The developer portal homepage (Figure 12) will show the API key for the Quarkus OpenAPI application of the TestAccount account.
Figure 12: The developer portal homepage.


  1. On the homepage, click the API CREDENTIALS and STATISTICS links to explore those tabs, as shown in Figure 13.
Figure 13: The API Credentials tab.


  1. Click DOCUMENTATION. Note that the ActiveDocs documentation created earlier is shown (Figure 14).
Figure 14: The ActiveDocs documentation can be seen on the Documentation tab.