Build and run an image mode for RHEL based container with Podman CLI

Learn to create an OCI-compliant bootable container image with image mode for Red Hat Enterprise Linux. Then, build and deploy a container image using Podman commands.

Download image mode for RHEL 

Overview: Build and run an image mode for RHEL based container with Podman CLI

Traditionally, developers had to install RHEL on their system before starting application development and setting up their environment. With containers becoming the default application deployment mechanism, installing the OS before creating containers was required.

With image mode for RHEL, developers can ship their containers and bootable OS. This reduces overhead for developers, allowing them to focus more on application development than environment setup, as the container file becomes the environment.

Developers can create their OCI-compliant bootable container files with RHEL.

In this learning path, you will learn how to create, run, and deploy a bootable container file with image mode for RHEL. This learning path uses Podman tools to build and run containers using a container file.

In this learning exercise, you will:

  • Learn how RHEL Image Mode works conceptually.
  • Discover how RHEL Image Mode-based container makes developer life simple.
  • Build, deploy and run OCI compliant container file based on image mode for RHEL locally on your machine.