Red Hat OpenShift Service on AWS: An overview

Time estimation: 5 mins.

If you have already successfully deployed a cluster, you can deploy an application on it. This learning path uses a pre-built application that will allow us to become more familiar with some of the features of Red Hat OpenShift/Kubernetes.

In this learning path, we assume you have already successfully provisioned a Red Hat OpenShift Service on AWS cluster and are able to use it. If you have not yet created one, see the Getting started with Red Hat OpenShift Service on AWS learning path. 

What do you need before starting?

What is included in this learning path?

  • Deployment
  • Health check
  • Storage
  • Configuration
  • Networking, scaling, and logging 
  • Source-to-Image deployment options

What will you get?

  • A running application on an OpenShift Service on AWS cluster
  • Experience self-healing applications
  • Knowledge of configuration management through ConfigMaps, secrets, and environment variables
  • Options for automated deployment

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