You can also use the following kcat command to view broker and topic information. Remember to replace the bootstrap server and credentials as described in previous examples.

-X security.protocol=SASL_SSL \
-X sasl.mechanisms=PLAIN \
-X sasl.username="$CLIENT_ID" \
-X sasl.password="$CLIENT_SECRET" -L

The output will resemble the following:

Metadata for all topics (from broker -1: sasl_ssl://
 1 brokers:
  broker 0 at (controller)
 1 topic:
  topic "songs" with 1 partitions:
    partition 0, leader 0, replicas: 0, isrs: 0

This output explains that the single partition of the Songs topic is replicated across all three brokers, and that broker 1 is the leader of the partition. The replicas are populated by following the leader state.