Develop consumers and producers in Java

30 Minutes

5 learning resources

Basic pages

Continue your Apache Kafka journey by developing consumers and producers in Java to stream data using Red Hat OpenShift Streams for Apache Kafka.


RHOSAK path 3 - resource 1

What to expect

Developer an example where one service is a producer and one service is a consumer.

RHOSAK path 3 - resource 2

Create a topic

Learn how to create a single partition topic and use retention values.

RHOSAK path 3 - resource 3

Clone the Git repository

Integrate a Git repository into your environment.

RHOSAK path 3 - resource 4

Start the producer and consumer Java applications

Open a terminal and start the producer.

RHOSAK path 3 - resource 5

Produce and consume songs

Open a stream that receives events and POST an event using curl.

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