Create an application plan in OpenShift API Management

Next, you’ll need to configure an application plan to interact with the API via a protected route. Application plans define usage rules and limits for your API. When a developer signs up to use your API, they have to select an application plan you’ve defined. For example, you might create two application plans for an API with different limits and pricing structures—e.g, a free plan and a paid plan.

OpenShift API Management routes incoming requests through HTTP proxies known as APIcast instances. APIcast instances enforce API security rules and policies set by the API Product administrators. API Key security is applied by default for imported APIs.

Create an application plan for your sample application as follows:

  1. Pull down the Products list from the top navigation bar and choose rhoam-quarkus-openapi.
  2. Select Applications→Application Plans from the menu on the left.
  3. Click the Create Application Plan link (Figure 12).
Figure 12: Create a new application plan.


  1. Enter the following values (Figure 13):
    1. RHOAM Open API Plan for the Name.
    2. rhoam-openapi-plan for the System name.


Figure 13: Fill in the fields in the Create Application Plan wizard.


  1. Uncheck the Applications require approval? box.
  2. Click Create Application Plan. You will be redirected to the Application Plans listing.
  3. Use the Publish link (Figure 14) to publish the plan.


Figure 14: Publish the newly created application plan.