Kubernetes Development Guide

For developers, Kubernetes is the foundation of cloud software like microservices and serverless. For developers  kubernetes brings new processes for continuous integration and continuous deployment will help you develop applications and automate their deployment, operation and scaling across containers in any environment.

Kubernetes: Your Next Application Server

In the Java ecosystem, we have historically been enamored of the concept of the “application server,” the runtime engine that not only gave us portable APIs such as JMS, JAX-RS, JSF, and EJB but also gave us critical runtime infrastructure for things such as farm deployments, configuration, load-balancing, failover, distributed management, and monitoring. This session demonstrates how Kubernetes and OpenShift(R) give you the critical runtime infrastructure you need for JVM-based applications—whether they be Java EE, Spring, MicroProfile, Vert.x, Kotlin, or others—because in a cloud native world, your APIs can be whatever best fits your project's requirements.

What is Kubernetes?

For Developers, Kubernetes is a system for managing container based applications.  Kubernetes empowers developers to utilize new architectures like microservices and serverless that require developers to think about application operations in a way they may not have before. These software architectures can blur the lines between traditional development and application operations, fortunately Kubernetes also automates many of the tedious components of operations including deployment, operation and scaling. For developers Kubernetes opens a world of possibilities in the cloud, and solves many problems, paving the way to focus on making software.  

Try Kubernetes Now: Interactive Training

Red Hat OpenShift is the industry's leading Enterprise Kubernetes platform for running existing and cloud-native applications in any cloud. Our interactive learning scenarios provide you with a pre-configured OpenShift instance, accessible from your browser without any downloads or configuration. Use it to experiment and learn Kubernetes - see how we can help solve real-world problems.

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The Latest on Kubernetes and OpenShift

Podcast: 2018 Kubernetes Trends

In this podcast, we look ahead at what the trends will be in Kubernetes for 2018. Some of these are the new shiny things – like Service Mesh (e.g. Istio) or Serverless. Others topics look at how the Kubernetes community is evolving to deliver more manageable services (e.g. automating Operations). Finally we look the breadth of activities that are starting to evolve around the developer experience with OpenShift – lots of projects at various levels of maturity.

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Kubernetes for Java Developers

This DevNation Live session will provide you with a basic understanding of what Kubernetes is and how it can help you run your Linux containers at scale. 

rafael benevides headshot

Rafael Benevides

Director of developer experience
Burr Sutter

Burr Sutter

Chief Developer Evangelist

Easy Spring Boot deployment on Kubernetes

See how to build, debug, deploy and discover Spring Boot applications on Kubernetes, with in-depth details of the tools, libraries and platform that could be used to make your spring boot deployment smooth and easy.


Kamesh Sampath

Director of Developer Experience at Red Hat
Burr Sutter

Burr Sutter

Chief Developer Evangelist