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Join us for online events, or attend regional events held around the world—you'll meet peers, industry leaders, and Red Hat's Developer Evangelists and OpenShift Developer Advocates. For additional offerings featuring OpenShift technologies and experts, visit the OpenShift events page.

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DevNation Tech Talk: To the moon and beyond with Java 17 APIs!


Since moving to a 6 monthly release cadence, the Java platform is evolving more dynamically than ever before. It can be quite a challenge to stay on top of all the changes and new features. In this talk we're going to explore the most important developments in the Java API: which classes have been added, and what has been removed? Join Duke, the Java mascot, for a trip to space and learn which...

Principal Software Engineer, Red Hat

JavaZone 2021


Join us at JavaZone, the premier Java developer event in the Norway! We will have experts on hand demonstrating developer tools, and Syed Shaaf will be speaking on 'Securing Serverless Functions on Kubernetes with Quarkus Extensions.'

Technical Evangelist

DevNation: The Show


Join the DevNation for a weekly hour-long live chat show for all things Kubernetes, Java, and Linux. We will deliver the latest developer news you need and interview guests with specialized tech expertise. We will also feature ways for you to be involved, like live Q&A and special quizzes, polls, and contests.

Director of Developer Experience at Red Hat
jconf Conference


Red Hat Developer had hoped to be in Chicago for the Conference - but we are thrilled to support the virtual event! Talks will delivered by five different Red Hat speakers so please join us!

Ana-Maria Mihalceanu
Developer Advocate
Edson Yanaga
Director of Developer Experience at Red Hat
Photo of Daniel Oh
Senior Principal Technical Marketing Manager
Senior Principal Software Engineer
deep dive

DevNation Deep Dive: Helm


Learn how to leverage Helm to make it easy to start using Kubernetes with real applications. These sessions are offered in up to six languages (English, Spanish, French, Italian, Romanian, and Brazilian Portuguese) across multiple time zones.

Ana-Maria Mihalceanu
Developer Advocate
Senior Principal Developer Advocate
Director of Developer Experience at Red Hat
Developer Advocate
Alex Soto
Software Engineer

DevNation Day India 2021


DevNation Day India is a free, all-day immersive virtual experience created to bring you the most exciting developer and technology updates. We'll have a full day of sessions covering topics like Kubernetes, Java, Cloud-Native, Digital Transformation, and more. You will hear from Red Hat Developer experts as well as leaders from across a number of companies and industries, including IBM...

Karan Singh Red Hat
Senior Principal Architect & Developer Evangelist
Edson Yanaga
Director of Developer Experience at Red Hat
Ana-Maria Mihalceanu
Developer Advocate

Join developers across the globe for live and virtual events led by the Red Hat technologists who create our products.

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