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DevNation Deep Dive: Quarkus I: Basics


Is your Java app consuming the server’s whole memory and taking minutes to boot? And then, even more time to redeploy? Get rid of your 25-year-old Java jokes and learn Quarkus, the supersonic, subatomic Java. Offered in French (Apr 13), Portuguese (Apr 13) and Spanish (Apr 13) in various time zones.

Director of Developer Experience at Red Hat
Developer Advocate

DevNation Tech Talk: RESTEasy Reactive: Why should you care?


There's a new version of RESTEasy tailor-made for Quarkus, but why was it created? What's so special about it? Why should you care? We will explain why reactive and async programming matter for performance and how you can take advantage of that to get outstanding performance with RESTEasy Reactive. We will even throw in some Hibernate Reactive for good measure during the demo. Don't care about...

Principal Software Engineer

DevNation Deep Dive: Kubernetes II (Italian)


Hai imparato le basi di Kubernetes, ed ora? Effettua il rilascio delle tue applicazioni con successo! Impara a limitare le risorse che la tua app può consumare, effettuare aggiornamenti senza interruzione di servizio con degli appropriati health check, e gestire al meglio la configurazione delle tue applicazioni.

Developer Advocate for OpenShift

DevNation Deep Dive: Quarkus II: Kubernetes Native


You have already learned to be superfast and supersmall with Quarkus I: Subatomic, Subatomic Java. What’s next? Adding more Cloud/Kubernetes Native capabilities, of course! Offered in English (Apr 20), French (May 4), Portuguese (May 4) and Spanish (May 4) in various time zones.

Alex Soto
Software Engineer
Director of Developer Experience at Red Hat
Developer Advocate

IBM Digital Developer Conference: AIOps & Integration


Register for free and get ready to extend your smart and secure solutions on hybrid cloud—with the latest AI-powered automation for IT operations and integration. Whether you're a developer, architect, SRE, or IT Ops engineer, you'll discover ways to invest in AIOps and integration to address challenges with decentralized, microservices-based applications.


DevNation: The Show


Join the DevNation for a weekly hour-long live chat show for all things Kubernetes, Java, and Linux. We will deliver the latest developer news you need and interview guests with specialized tech expertise. We will also feature ways for you to be involved, like live Q&A and special quizzes, polls, and contests.

Director of Developer Experience at Red Hat

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