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No one likes a bad communicator! How do you make all the information flow between apps, microservices and connected devices? Kafka and Knative have the answers.

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Kafka Tutorial

This Kafka tutorial to show you the basic concepts of Kafka, how to deploy it to Kubernetes, develop services that consume and produce from/to Kafka topic in Java, and how to stream data with KStreams.

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Kafka in the sandbox

Running Proof of Concept (PoC) code on your local machine is great and definitely worthwhile, but the real test comes when you must face the fallacies of distributed computing and run things in the cloud. This is where you make the leap from PoC to more of an emulation of real life.

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Outbox pattern with OpenShift Streams for Apache Kafka and Debezium | DevNation Tech Talk

July 8, 2021

Friends don't let friends do dual writes: Outbox pattern with OpenShift Streams for Apache Kafka and Debezium | DevNation Tech Talk

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Reactive streaming with Quarkus and Kafka

James Faulkner
September 9, 2019

Build a streaming application using MicroProfile reactive streams messaging and Apache Kafka, a distributed streaming platform.

15 minutes | Beginner
secure coding - simple

Knative Tutorial

Deploying applications as Serverless services is becoming a popular architectural style. It seems like many organizations assume that Functions as a Service (FaaS) is serverless. But we think it is more accurate to say that FaaS is one way to do serverless, not the only way.


Knative: What developers need to know

March 20, 2019

Knative is changing the world of microservices and serverless functions; here's what you need to know to take advantage of this cutting-edge technology.


Tutorial: Knative and serverless service

You’ll create a service that takes raw image data from the camera next to the ride, then stamps the date and the Coderland logo on the picture. Guests can, of course, purchase a copy of the heirloom-quality photo as they stagger away from the ride, filling the park’s coffers in the process.

Knative Cookbook cover

Knative Cookbook

Burr Sutter & Kamesh Sampath
April 22, 2020

Enterprise developers face several challenges when it comes to building serverless applications, such as integrating applications and building container images from source. With more than 60 practical recipies, this cookbook helps you solve these issues with Knative–the first serverless platform natively designed for Kubernetes.

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