DevNation Summer Camps

DevNation's on a hiatus

While the CodeCasters are away, the DevNation will play! It’s time to go to DevNation Summer Camp where we will island hop and get hands-on with technologies that will advance your career.

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DevNation Summer Camps

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Cloud image

Cloud native developer

1 Day

9 learning resources

Time to dust off the mental cobwebs and get started with containers! Learn the basics and make a pit stop in our developer sandbox.

Kubernetes image

Kubernetes and friends

1 Day

21 learning resources

Spend time getting to know your new friend - Kubernetes. Learn more about this open source container orchestration system and make notes on commands, tips, and tricks to bring it to life.

Event-driven image

Event-driven architecture

1 Day

8 learning resources

No one likes a bad communicator! How do you make all the information flow between apps, microservices and connected devices? Kafka and Knative have the answers.

DevOps and GitOps image

From DevOps to GitOps

1 Day

18 learning resources

Everyone likes a camp romance. Argo Cd and Tekton are a match made in Kubernetes heaven. See what makes them tick!