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Red Hat Mobile Application Platform Cheat Sheet

By Cian Clarke
July 6, 2017
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Mobile Application Platform Cheat Sheet

Mobile development is growing quickly.  Red Hat Mobile Application Platform is a platform for building, deploying and managing mobile applications & their backend integrations. With flexible development models it allows developers to use tooling of their choice and provides multiple ways to get the job done.  

In this cheat sheet, author Cian Clarke, explores:

  • Client SDK’s and API’s,
  • JavaScript Client SDK
  • Node.js Cloud and mBaaS Services SDK
  • Drag and Drop Apps

Cheat Sheet Excerpt

Here are some of the most frequently used JavaScript client SDKs. The full list is available, along with examples for other client technologies (Java, Swift, etc) by reading the client API documentation

Function: $

  path: "/somePath"
  method: "POST|GET|PUT|DELETE", // optional - default GET
  contentType: "application/json", // optional - default
  data: { "username": "testuser"}, // optional - request
  timeout: 60000 // optional - default shown
}, function(res) {
  // Success - your response will be in the "res" variable
}, function(msg,err) {
  // Failure

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