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Eclipse Vert.x Cheat Sheet

By Clement Escoffier
March 24, 2017
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Eclipse Vert.x Cheat Sheet

Applications using Eclipse Vert.x are fast, responsive, resilient and elastic. They are event driven, non blocking, and can run on top of the Java Virtual Machine while offering many language choices.  

In this cheat sheet, author Clement Escoffier, provides step by step details to let you create your apps the way you want to. Learn about:

  • Programming with Vert.x
  • Reactive Systems
  • Creating apps with Apache Maven, Gradle, and Vert.x CLI
  • Verticles
  • EventBus
  • And more…

Cheat Sheet Excerpt

2.A Create a Vert.x application with Apache Maven

# Linux and MacOS
git clone PROJECT_NAME
# Windows
git clone PROJECT_NAME
Generate and Run
It generates the project structure and start the application in redeploy mode: your changes recompile and restart the application. The started application is accessible from http://localhost:8080
mvn package
An executable fat jar is created in the target directory.
Add the dependency in the pom.xml file
Dependency management
Add the dependency in the pom.xml file
Import the project as a Maven project in your favorite IDE
IDE support


2.B Create a Vert.x application with Gradle

git clone
Generate and Run

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