Eclipse Vert.x reactive microservices guide for developers

By Clement Escoffier 

Updated: 5/3/2017

Eclipse Vert.x is a toolkit that helps developers build reactive applications to run within the Java Virtual Machine. Whether you want to get rid of your monolithic enterprise applications, or avoid creating new ones, Eclipse Vert.x is worth investigating. In the process of working through this book, you will learn how to use reactive design to create distributed, reactive microservices within this framework. 

This book explains how to:

  • Explore the elements of reactive microservices and learn how Vert.x works.
  • Build and consume a single microservice to understand how messaging improves its reactiveness.
  • Create an entire microservices system, using stability and resilience patterns to manage failures.
  • Use the OpenShift container platform to deploy and manage microservices in a virtual or cloud environment.

Build reactive microservices in Java now

incomplete overview of the Vert.x ecosystem

How Eclipse Vert.x Works

"Reactive programming is a development model oriented around data flows and the propagation of data. In reactive programming, the stimuli are the data transiting in the flow, which are called streams. There are many ways to implement a reactive programming model. In this report, we are going to use Reactive Extensions ( where streams are called observables, and consumers subscribe to these observables and react to the values. Vert.x is a toolkit for building reactive and distributed systems using an asynchronous nonblocking development model. Because it’s a toolkit and not a framework, you use Vert.x as any other library. It does not constrain how you build or structure your system; you use it as you want. Vert.x is very flexible; you can use it as a standalone application or embedded in a larger one. From a developer standpoint, Vert.x a set of JAR files. Each Vert.x module is a JAR file that you add to your $CLASSPATH. From HTTP servers and clients, to messaging, to lower-level protocols such as TCP or UDP, Vert.x provides a large set of modules to build your application the way you want. You can pick any of these modules in addition to Vert.x Core (the main Vert.x component) to build your system."

Build reactive microservices in Java now