JBoss A-MQ on OpenShift Cheat Sheet

We hear about Microservices a lot nowadays. Its implementation requires us to deal with new challenges. A key question that comes with using microservices is how to handle interactions in an asynchronous way. The answer to that is messaging.

Among other things, messaging features the following:

  • Loose coupling since it decouples client from services.
  • Improved availability since the message broker buffers messages until the consumer is able to process them.
  • Supports a variety of communication patterns including request/reply, notifications, request/async response, publish/subscribe, publish/async response and more.

One of the most famous products in messaging is JBoss A-MQ. Among the questions I receive from customers is whether it’s possible to run Red Hat JBoss A-MQ on Red Hat OpenShift. The answer is yes, Red Hat JBoss A-MQ (A-MQ) is available as a containerized image that is designed for use with OpenShift. It allows developers to quickly deploy an A-MQ message broker in a hybrid cloud environment.

The configuration of the broker can be performed two ways:

Before we proceed with how to deploy A-MQ on OpenShift, let’s take a look at different A-MQ architectures in high availability environment.

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JBoss EAP 7 on OpenShift

RHJB_EnterpriseApplicationPlatform_Logotype_RGB-Gray_0213_cw_72JBoss EAP 7 was recently released, and brings with it a whole host of new features and support, such as support for Java EE 7, reduced port usage, graceful shutdown, improved GUI and CLI management, optimizations for cloud and containers, and much more. EAP 7’s small footprint, fast startup time and support for modern Java and non-Java frameworks make it uniquely suitable for deployment onto PaaS cloud environments, and Red Hat happens to have a leading one: OpenShift.

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Webinar today: Building Enterprise Java Apps in the Cloud

Webinar today: Building Enterprise Java Apps in the Cloud

Maximize the benefits of DevOps with PaaS and application integrationThomas Qvarnström (@tqvarnst) is the JBoss Technology Evangelist for Applications Server and Data Grid products at Red Hat. He is responsible for various outbound technical aspects of promoting JBoss Enterprise Middleware, He has been working within software development since 1998 for many different enterprises in different roles like developer, architect, CTO etc. And you have the great opportunity to learn all about Java EE applications in the cloud on OpenShift from him and Erik Jacobs (OpenShift principal technical marketing manager).

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Red Hat Developer Newsletter – January 2015

Red Hat Developer Newsletter – January 2015

Welcome to the Red Hat® Developer Newsletter.

Happy New Year from Red Hat.

As we ring in the birth of the new year, those of us at Red Hat are really looking forward to all that is coming in 2015. What’s coming, you wonder? You’ll have to wait and see. 😉

The future is always a mystery, but a number of Red Hat seers compiled their list of 2015 tech predictions in this two-part series: Gazing into the crystal ball: Red Hatters offer tech predictions for 2015 (part 1 and part 2). Here are three to whet your appetite:

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