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Build a Go application using OpenShift Pipelines

Build a Go application using OpenShift Pipelines

Go is an increasingly popular programming language, and frequently chosen for developing command-line utilities. Many tools used with Kubernetes and Red Hat OpenShift are written in Go, including the command-line interfaces (CLIs) for Tekton (tkn), OpenShift (oc), and Kubernetes (kubectl). Also, developers can compile Go to a single executable for a broad range of operating systems. As a result, it’s easy to develop and desk-test applications before putting them into containers and running those containers in OpenShift.

In a meta sort of way, this is an article about a tutorial, where I show you how to build and deliver a small Go RESTful service using OpenShift Pipelines. You could just jump to the tutorial now, but I suggest reading this article first. I’ll quickly introduce the working environment for the tutorial, and I’ll explain my logic for setting up the tutorial the way that I did.

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