Meeting Red Hat authors at Red Hat Summit 2018

Early this year, the book Effective Business Process Management with JBoss BPM launched a free ebook on Red Hat Developers that you can download. Next week I’ll be at the Red Hat Summit 2018 conference in San Francisco, CA, at the Moscone Center speaking and presenting a hands-on lab.

The surprise event is that Red Hat authors will be spending time at the booth where we’ll be signing copies of our respective books. Look for me at the following times at the section labeled DevZone ready to sign and give you a copy of Effective Business Process Management with JBoss BPM:

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Red Hat Summit 2018: Speakers on the forefront of Cloud-Native application development

May 8th – 10th at Red Hat Summit 2018 in San Francisco, you’ll get to see, hear, and meet speakers who are working on the forefront of cloud-native application development. Some are core developers working on Red Hat products or in the upstream open source communities. A number of speakers have published books on topics such as microservices and integration.  Others are working directly with developers at Red Hat customer sites helping those organizations efficiently move to cloud-native application development.   The speakers include:

Join us at Red Hat Summit 2018, to hear speakers from Red Hat, AquaSec, Bell Canada, Black Duck, Capital One, Cloudera, Deutsche Bank, F5, Facebook, Google, Microsoft, MITRE Corp., nearForm, Pixar, Sonatype, Twistlock, and many others.

Speaker Highlights:

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Everything you wanted to know about a Red Hat Summit Lab

Red Hat Summit provides an experience for every type of attendee: Whether it be to attend as many presentations as possible to glean the best practices related to open source technology, to visit as many booths in the Partner Pavilion to see how vendors are enabling open source solutions (or to snag as much swag as possible), or to attend hands-on labs and training sessions to get practical experience with experts to provide guidance. 2017 was my fourth Red Hat Summit event and in each of the prior appearances, I have had the opportunity to participate in both traditional breakout sessions along with demonstrations at the Red Hat booth in the Partner Pavilion. One aspect of Red Hat Summit that I had yet to participate in was with one of the many hands-on labs that are available to attendees. For those unfamiliar with a hands-on lab at Red Hat Summit, the session consists of a two-hour instructor-led course that allows attendees to test drive many popular open source tools and technologies. It provides a way for attendees to have firsthand experience with many of the concepts that are mentioned during Summit. What I did not anticipate going in was the amount of coordination and hard work that was needed in order for the labs to flow seamlessly. Since attendees may not appreciate this effort either, this write-up is intended to provide insights into what it takes to put together and execute a successful hands-on lab at Red Hat Summit.

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Red Hat Summit 2017 – Planning your Cloud and Containers Labs

This year in Boston, MA you can attend the Red Hat Summit 2017, the event to get your updates on open source technologies and meet with all the experts you follow throughout the year.

It’s taking place from May 2-4 and is full of interesting sessions, keynotes, and labs.

This year I was part of the process of selecting the labs you are going to experience at Red Hat Summit and wanted to share them to help you plan your cloud and containers labs experience. These labs are for you to spend time with the experts who will teach you hands-on and how to get the most out of development with containers and in the Cloud using products like OpenShift Container Platform.

Each lab is a 2-hour session, so planning is essential to getting the most out of your days at Red Hat Summit.

As you might be struggling to find and plan your sessions together with some lab time, here is an overview of the labs, you can find the exact room and times in the session catalog. Each entry includes the lab number, title, abstract, instructors, and is linked to the session catalog entry:

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