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Quarkus and Jakarta EE: Together, or not?

Quarkus and Jakarta EE: Together, or not?

In this article, I answer a question that I have seen asked on various forums: Will Quarkus be compatible with Jakarta EE? To understand our answer to that question, it is helpful to know the history of Quarkus and what we’re trying to achieve with it. So, please indulge me while I lay that groundwork.

A short history of Quarkus and Java EE

When Emmanuel Bernard, Jason Greene, Bob McWhirter, and I first discussed kicking off the ThornFly.x proof of concept, which would later become Quarkus, we had conversations about where Java EE (now Jakarta EE) would eventually fit. I think we all agreed that we already had the best open source implementation of Java EE in the form of WildFly and Red Hat JBoss Enterprise Application Platform (JBoss EAP). Creating yet another addition to this space seemed confusing at best. At worst, we feared that it would split our engineering and open source community efforts.

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