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How Kotlin’s coroutines improve code readability

How Kotlin’s coroutines improve code readability

Programs must be written for people to read, and only incidentally for machines to execute. — Abelson and Sussman

Kotlin is a new practical language designed to solve real-world problems. It is based on JVM but there are many differences between Kotlin and Java. Kotlin is a null-safe and concise language with support for functional programming. You can try programming in Kotlin here.

Kotlin coroutines provide an easy way to write highly scalable code, using the traditional style of programming, while avoiding having a thread allocated to each task.

In this article, I focus on code readability and how, in my opinion, coroutines provide a cleaner approach to writing code compared to a reactive approach. I have used Project Reactor to showcase the reactive code; however, the example can be extended to any reactive library, for example, RxJava and CompleteableFuture. Note that coroutine-based code scales as well as code written using a reactive approach. To me, coroutines are a win-win situation for developers.

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