Tear Down Data Silos with Mobile Microservices

Tear Down your SilosA huge problem facing modern enterprises is managing the large software systems and applications they deal with on a daily basis.

Be it the CRM system purchased by a predecessor, a bundled HRM product thrown in to sweeten a deal, or the CMS that marketing could not live without, silos of information exist in the modern enterprise, and it can often be difficult to utilize the data that these systems contain. When an enterprise decides to buy a proprietary system, often little consideration is given to future interoperability of that product. Many of these decisions were made before the mobile era of computing began, and these products share many common characteristics which are ill-suited to the changing face of computing.

Designed for the Desktop Era

These applications are typically delivered through a desktop browser. The limited screen real estate of modern smartphones and tablets makes interacting cumbersome. Mobile experiences are often retro-fitted to these products as an afterthought. Sometimes vendors release a mobile application to the app store, but these can be limited in functionality.

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Red Hat Developers Newsletter – August 2015

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Red Hat Developers Newsletter – August 2015

Welcome to the Red Hat® Developers Newsletter.

This month, many of you are getting your kids ready to go back to school. Learning can be a lot of fun, and we Red Hatters wish them (and you) good luck for the new year.

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Webinar: Continuous delivery with microservices


You’re invited to attend the Building enterprise applications the microservices way webinar series, a set of 3 Red Hat webinars. Read more about the entire series.

Continuous delivery (CD) is essential for a successful implementation of microservices. Using CD with your microservices architecture accelerates application delivery and creates a cleaner architecture. As your microservices architecture grows, so too do the amount of services. It’s important to be able to maintain and update these services in an effective manner.

Topics in this webinar include:

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March in JBoss

March in JBoss

A little late for a March review. But March was late in general. The weather didn’t really pick up and we had some scheduling issues on the JBoss weekly editorial. Things like that happen, I guess. Time for me to finally catch up with all the news and releases in March. In the middle of April. My apologies.

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Evolving a Mobile-centric Architecture: The Microservices Way

FeedHenry_byRH_rgbThere seems to have been an explosion in the use of the term “microservices” recently. I’ve been peripherally aware of the concept for some time now, but it seems it first came to light with a fantastic collection of thoughts by Martin Fowler[1] – some great reading on the topic.

This three-part post will not help you make a business case for rewriting your existing monolith as a series of microservices – for that, I’d recommend Rich Sharples’ writings on the topic [2] – but I am going to show how microservices make sense for mobile in a series of practical examples.

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January in JBoss

January in JBoss

Community StickerWe just started this year and a lot has happened already. From now on, I will summarize the monthly happenings in JBoss to catch in one place.

A Year in Review
First thing a new year is all about is looking back. There’s been plenty of recaps about 2014 for example by Eric Schabell who highlighted the most important events for JBoss Integration & BPM. Did you know, that there is a book called “OpenShift Primer” which got completely revised and helps you getting kick-started with all kinds of JBoss technologies on OpenShift.

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Microservice principles and Immutability – demonstrated with Apache Spark and Cassandra

Shipping_containers_at_ClydeContainerizing things is particularly popular these days.   Today we’ll talk about the idioms we can use for containerization, and specifically play with apache spark and cassandra in our use case for creating easily deployed, immutable microservices.


Note: This post is done using centos7 as a base for the containers, but these same recipes will apply with RHEL and Fedora base images.

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Changing application demands: What developers need to know

Changing application demands: What developers need to know

This is a short heads-up about an upcoming, free webinar which discusses the influence of the growing demands for hyper-connected, internet-driven economy where users expect speedy delivery of new features, highly engaging personalized user experiences, and smooth, streamlined performance on today’s application architecture and design.

JBoss Middleware Webinar Banner

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Gazing into the crystal ball: Red Hatters offer tech predictions for 2015

i am red hat“As 2014 comes to a close, we asked Red Hat executives and subject matter experts to weigh in with their thoughts on what they expect to see happen in the world of tech in 2015. We’ve grouped predictions from these experts on many topics, including:

  •     Big data
  •     Business of tech
  •     Cloud computing
  •     Containers
  •     Developers and application development
  •     Internet of Things
  •     Mobile
  •     OpenStack
  •     Security
  •     Software-defined datacenter”

Here are some of favorites:

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