Working on Dispersed Teams – Part 3 of 7

Working on Dispersed Teams – Part 3 of 7

What Remotees Want You to Know

Remote workers are an integral part of the workforce, but it can be easy to forget them. I can vouch that sometimes a remotee will pipe up from the conference room speakerphone, and we exchanged looks of shock and panic through stifled giggles because we forgot they were on the line. This isn’t a testament to a remotees’ value; they’re key players we need. Being out of sight can naturally let people fall out of mind. “If they’re at a disadvantage, why don’t they just speak up?” you ask. Some of a remotee’s visibility is within his or her control, but the rest is determined by the centralized team. It’s not a fair arrangement, but it can be fixed.

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Effective Business Process Management with JBoss BPM (MEAP)

effective business process managementFor the last four years I was focused on evangelizing JBoss BPM Suite. The content I produced, the talks I have given and the articles I published led to many requests for a book focused on JBoss BPM products. This got me to thinking and in early November of 2015 I decided to submit a proposal. Hoping Manning would be open to the idea of a book that was not only focused on developers, but also on architects and process analysts. Effective Business Process Management with JBoss BPM was born.

There was a process that went back and forth as the proposal was discussed. Finally, in January of 2016 Manning started a proposal review. It’s where they ask for input from sources in the wild that are knowledgeable of the topics BPM and JBoss.

At the end of February 2016, having collected enough positive input during their review process, Manning committed to the book and I started to write.

The chapters have been flowing nicely and today the Early Access Program (MEAP) has been kicked off. Effective Business Process Management with JBoss BPM is a reality, a book that focuses on developers, architects and process analysts that want to get started with JBoss BPM Suite.

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