The ARM Arc

ARM.  When used in a sentence it may refer to the company (ARM Holdings), one of its numerous CPU versions, or even a way of life.  But we just call it ARM.  ARM (the company) creates low power processor designs which they license to other companies to implement; Licensees enhance ARM’s design and manufacture the actual chips.  The resulting processors are the defacto standard in the fiercely competitive consumer mobile space of tablets and cell phones.  Of course, the thing that makes ARM interesting to Red Hat isn’t consumer mobile, it is evaluating their potential in servers.  In theory if they perform well, their low-wattage designs might be quite compelling.

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Red Hatters to Find at Fedora Flock – Prague, 6-9 August

Flock 2014 (Editor’s correction:  Flock is a “new, larger and pre-scheduled conference” for North America and Europe) is just a few weeks away and will be hosted in Prague, Czech Republic.
The entire list of sessions can be seen here, but below is the list of the 39 sessions delivered by Red Hatters.  Have a great conference!

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An Introduction to COPRs

As many of you have probably experienced, creating your own rpms can be handy, but what is even better is if you can access those rpms from anywhere on the internet. It is also handy to be able to share the rpms with your friends :). In the past that has meant building all of the rpms for the various RHEL-ecosystem OSs and then finding somewhere you can host them and maintaining it yourself.

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