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That app you love, part 1: Making a connection

That app you love, part 1: Making a connection

I am going to show you how I took an everyday, off-the-shelf application and turned it into a cluster-ready juggernaut of persistent usefulness. Along the way, I’ll share the pitfalls that I hit in getting this all working so that you can chuckle at my misfortune and avoid having to make the same mistakes yourself.

This series will run every Tuesday and Thursday until we’ve accomplished our goals, so stay tuned in, subscribe, and thanks for reading!

Meet “That App You Love”

For this series, the app we’ll be deploying is the popular ZNC IRC bouncer. If your eyes have rolled back into your head at any part of that – “ZNC”, or “IRC” (or maybe “popular” if you are pretty sure IRC is not popular) – don’t let it turn you off to this tutorial. This series is called “That App You Love” because you can take these ideas and apply them to any number of applications to make them available in the cloud. I chose ZNC because:

  • I do, actually, love it (in a strictly platonic way)
  • Configuring it is extremely simple, which makes for a great sample application.
  • A ZNC deployment touches every important concept of containerization and the OpenShift Container Platform in one app.

So every time I say “ZNC”, just mentally switch it to “That App You Love”. As long as that app you love can run from a linux container on a Linux-based host, I think this blog series can be That Blog Series You Love. But hey, one step at a time, right?

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