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Ceph storage monitoring with Zabbix

Ceph storage monitoring with Zabbix

Storage prices are decreasing, while business demands are growing, and companies are storing more data than ever before. Following this growth pattern, demand grows for monitoring and data protection involving software-defined storage. Downtimes have a high cost that can directly impact business continuity and cause irreversible damage to organizations. Aftereffects include loss of assets and information; interruption of services and operations; law, regulation, or contract violations; along with the financial impacts from losing customers and damaging a company’s reputation.

Gartner estimates that a minute of downtime costs enterprise organizations $5,600, and an hour costs over $300,000.

On the other hand, in a DevOps context, it’s essential to think about continuous monitoring, which is a proactive approach to monitoring throughout the full application’s life cycle and that of its components. This approach helps identify the root cause of possible problems and then quickly and proactively prevent performance issues or future outages. In this article, you will learn how to implement Ceph storage monitoring using the enterprise open source tool Zabbix.

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