vJBUG – Learn About JBoss Technology Online!

Have you heard about your local JBoss User Group (JBUG)? A JBUG is a group of people who share a common interest in JBoss technologies. They are organized and supported by the community and meet on a regular basis to discuss new technologies, development methodologies, interesting use cases, and other technical topics. The common goal is to provide education, help, and social events for the community and to promote open source. You can find a list of 38 JBUGs around the world, in case you want to attend a local event. However, not everyone has access to a local JBUG, so we introduced the Virtual JBoss User Group!

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Getting the most out of your open source project website

An open source project’s website is the main gateway for potential users and contributors to learn about your project, and it assists existing community members to contribute to the project. But it has to do it right.  Does your website clearly present your project, its goals and status, and assist your community members to efficiently communicate with each other? Is it attracting new contributors?

This article, based on the oVirt community site development, shares areas to pursue for producing a community website.

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Welcome to the Red Hat developer blog!

I’m writing this first entry at about 30,000 feet on my way back from Red Hat’s North American Partner Conference in San Diego, California. It’s rather appropriate to be typing this out at that altitude, as that is the way I felt for the entire conference after having the opportunity to meet with some amazing ISV, Systems Integrator, VAR and Solution Builder partners who have been building some incredibly powerful solutions using Red Hat technologies. The consistent theme across all of these conversations was making sure that the developers within these organizations had a deep relationship with Red Hat, an understanding of our technology and architecture roadmap as well as the chance to provide more input into how we can all work together.

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