Collaborating as a Team

One of the major issues facing Software Development Team is Collaboration. As such, a lot of software has been created to help improve collaboration between programmers. However, as some solutions are created, it seems to open doors to other issues. So, with a lot of software at our disposal, programmers begin to get distracted with too many applications for collaboration. The use of email has been efficient but recently a lot of organizations are beginning to avoid it as it has begun creating a new set of issues.

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Working with a Dispersed Team – Part 7 of 7

How to Build Community in Your Dispersed Team

People want to be part of something bigger than themselves. The identity of your team hugely influences that. Some teams discover shared interests or hobbies. Others share a sense of humor to cope with challenging customers. Camaraderie makes all the difference for workplace satisfaction. When that happens, people will work harder, work more smoothly with each other, and be less likely to leave. It’s great news that distance does not have to get in the way of your team’s community.

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