Running CDK 3.0 on Fedora 25

Red Hat Container Development Kit (CDK) provides a Container Development Environment (CDE) that allows users to build a virtualized environment for OpenShift. This environment is similar to the user’s production environment and does not need other hardware or a physical cluster. CDK is designed to work on a single user’s desktop computer.

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Red Hat announces new development tool updates: DevSuite, DevStudio, and CDK

Container application development is hotter than ever, and the Red Hat Development Tools team is continually adding new features to simplify configuration and setup, as well as help developers with coding. Today, Red Hat has released new versions of the following:

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Spring Boot and OAuth2 with Keycloak

The tutorial Spring Boot and OAuth2 showed how to enable OAuth2 with Spring Boot with Facebook as AuthProvider; this blog is the extension of showing how to use KeyCloak as AuthProvider instead of Facebook. I intend to keep this example as close to the original Spring Boot and OAuth2 and will explain the changes to the configuration to make the same application work with KeyCloak. The source code for the examples are available in the github repositories listed below.

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