Good news: Business automation is not about SOA

Good news: Business automation is not about SOA

This is not an article about service-oriented architecture (SOA); neither is it a business process management (BPM) article. This article is about how business automation can change the way you create software.

At a first, developers and architects tend to associate the use of BPM suites (or business-oriented architecture) with SOA. This behavior immediately leads to an incorrect bias about the subject.

C-suite executives understand: Transform—or be suppressed by new, disruptive, technology-driven startups. In 2019, business automation is a key transformation that executives will seek in order to improve business performance and lower costs. However, some technology teams are not very open to it. Why?

In the past, BPM suites have been used as big centralized orchestrators for services, external systems, and human tasks. JBoss SOA Platform, released in 2008, is an example of such an integration platform. Unfortunately, this kind of application does not fit new cloud- and microservices-oriented architectures. The good news is that business automation evolved and can help teams to reach the next step in DevOps: BizDevOps.

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