asynchronous enumerables

C# 8 asynchronous streams

C# 8 asynchronous streams

.NET Core 3.1 (December 2019) includes support for C# 8, a new major version of the C# programming language. In this series of articles, we’ll look at the new features in .NET’s main programming language. This first article, in particular, looks at asynchronous streams. This feature makes it easy to create and consume asynchronous enumerables, so before getting into the new feature, you first need to understand the IEnumerable interface.

Note: C# 8 can be used with the .NET Core 3.1 SDK, which is available on Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Fedora, Windows, macOS, and on other Linux distributions.

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A brief history of IEnumerable

The classic IEnumerable<T> has been around since .NET Framework 2 (2005). This interface provides us with a type-safe way to iterate over any collection.

The iteration is based on the IEnumerator<T> type:

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