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A developer-centered approach to application development

A developer-centered approach to application development

Do you dream of a local development environment that’s easy to configure and works independently from the software layers that you are currently not working on? I do!

As a software engineer, I have suffered the pain of starting projects that were not easy to configure. Reading the technical documentation does not help when much of it is outdated, or even worse, missing many steps. I have lost hours of my life trying to understand why my local development environment was not working.

An ideal scenario

As a developer, you have to meet a few prerequisites before contributing to a project. For instance, you must agree to the version-control requirements, and you need to know how to use the project IDE, how to use a package manager, and so on.

But nothing more. You don’t need to learn a poorly documented, made-in-house framework just to satisfy the ego of an architect who wanted to reinvent the wheel. You don’t need to run an external virtual machine to emulate the production environment. As a developer, you are free to invest your time in improving the code and adding value to the product.

A developer-centered approach to application development

My goal with this article is to describe strategies for building an Angular 8 application in a way that centers the developer experience.

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