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A development roadmap for Open Data Hub

A development roadmap for Open Data Hub

Open Data Hub (ODH) is a blueprint for building an AI-as-a-Service (AIaaS) platform on Red Hat’s Kubernetes-based OpenShift 4.x. The Open Data Hub team recently released Open Data Hub 0.6.0, followed up by a smaller update of Open Data Hub 0.6.1.

We recently got together and discussed our plans and timeline for the next two releases. Our plans are based on the roadmap slide deck that we put together and presented during the Open Data Hub community meeting on April 6.

In this article, we present our roadmap for the next several Open Data Hub releases. We would like to emphasize that the target dates are optimistic, describing what we would like to achieve. With the current state of the world and vacation time coming up, these dates might change.

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