3scale API Management Simplifies OpenID Connect Integration

Red Hat 3scale API Management Platform simplifies the integration between APIcast gateway and Red Hat Single Sign-On through OpenID Connect (OIDC) for API authentication. Consequently, the new version enables API provider users to select and configure their API authentication process from the Admin Portal UI

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Innovating on Developers Events, Building the API Escape Room

It’s been almost a month after the first world edition of API Escape room at the Red Hat Summit in Boston. We thought you might be interested to hear details on how we prepared this event.

With the 3scale team, we often participated in classical hackathons where developers gather for 48 hours to come up with a working prototype. These were awesomely fun (!), but the outcomes of those events are quite uncertain for organizers, sponsors, and participants. You cannot guarantee that hackers will build stunning original hacks and it can be a tough ask to keep working for such a long period. You can’t be sure that it won’t just be another “recipe app” or “Uber for X”.

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HOW-TO setup a 3scale AMP on-premise all-in-one install

As many of you already know, a couple of weeks ago, on April 25, 2017, Red Hat announced it’s fully containerized API Management Platform On-Premises version. Alongside the Software as a Service (SaaS) version, the 3Scale Openshift-based on-premise version opens new opportunities with customers looking for more control over their private APIs. Deploying API Management in their own data center or self-managed cloud environment is part of a critical path.

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Developers at Red Hat Summit: announcing API Escape Room

On May 2-4, the Red Hat community will get together for the annual Red Hat Summit in Boston, and Red Hatters are putting together an awesome agenda to provide you with a lot of product announcements and workshops.

The RH Summit week could be really intense, so before getting immersed in the conference, why not having a night for fun hacking (with good food and beer)?  If you’re up for some fun, this year will be no different! On “Summit eve”, at 6pm on TUESDAY, May 2nd, come and check out Red Hat Summit’s newest attraction: the API Escape Room CodeStarter [1]!

Yes, you read it right! An escape room with APIs!

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Celebrating 10 years of application development solutions at Red Hat

Red Hat is well known for pioneering the adoption of open source technologies in the enterprise. As the world’s first open source software company to earn more than two billion dollars in revenue, we have long enjoyed a position of leadership in an area that is now considered to be the de facto standard for innovation in IT.

In his book, The Open Organization, Red Hat CEO Jim Whitehurst attributes part of Red Hat’s success to the passion of its people. And it’s true. It was the passionate belief of Red Hat’s earliest employees that Linux was not only an alternative to the dominant operating systems in the mid-to-late 90s, but that it could become a viable contender in the enterprise by harnessing the power of passion, openness, and collaboration that are hallmarks of open source. Today, Red Hat Enterprise Linux is the world’s leading open source enterprise operating system platform, powering the majority of Fortune 500 industries.

But, 10 years ago, even before we became a leader in operating systems, we recognized that to maintain this momentum, and to truly become a strategic vendor for our customers, we needed to expand our focus. Building off of our leadership in enterprise infrastructure and operating systems, we set our sights on the application development market and acquired JBoss, the company behind the leading open source Java application platform at that time.

It was no longer good enough to win in operating systems. To be truly strategic, and reach the CIO, we needed to win the hearts and minds of software developers as well. Thus began our expansion and our journey into application development solutions.

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API Management with JBoss Fuse on Openshift and 3scale on Amazon Web Services – Part 1


A way organizations deal with the progression towards a more connected and API driven world, is by implementing a lightweight SOA/REST API architecture for application services to simplify the delivery of modern apps and services.

In the following blog series, we’re going to show how solutions based on 3scale and Red Hat JBoss Fuse enable organizations to create right interfaces to their internal systems thus enabling them to thrive in the networked, integrated economy.

Among the API Management scenarios that can be addresses by 3cale and Red Hat with JBoss Fuse on OpenShift, we have selected to showcase the following:

  1. Scenario 1 — A Fuse on Openshift application containing the API. The API is managed by 3scale with the API gateway hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS) via the 3scale AMI.
  2. Scenario 2 — A Fuse on Openshift application containing the API. The API is managed by 3scale with the API gateway hosted via APIcast (3scale’s cloud hosted API gateway)
  3. Scenario 3 — A Fuse on Openshift application containing the API. The API is managed by 3scale with the API gateway hosted on Openshift

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Using JBoss Fuse and 3scale for API Management

Since Red Hat and 3scale announced our partnership a year ago, we’ve seen great interest by companies and developers to use JBoss Middleware with 3scale API management technology (check out the solution brief here: Enabling success in the API economy).

In this webinar recording, we introduced you to how you can manage and control APIs (including a practical demo) using Red Hat® JBoss® Fuse, OpenShift by Red Hat, and 3scale.

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2016 API predictions

The API field progressed in leaps and bounds in the past with impressive new APIs, standards advances, conferences and unfortunately also more negative events like security breaches. Given all that activity, it’s a tough call to guess what might be next. What’s certainly true is that there will be more growth in store! There were already prediction pieces out there for 2016 like Yves de Montcheuil’s, Neha Sampat’s great 10 API predictions presentation at APIDays Paris and Mark Boyd’s great piece on the potential economic impact of APIs in 2016.

APIs are showing up in a wide range of future projections in all sorts of industries from financial services to data centers and healthcare. We’re also expecting a bumper year for API growth. However, this still leaves questions: what the growth areas will be, and what will be important to get the most out of 2016 for APIs? Here’s our shot at 2016 API predictions:

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February in JBoss

5 story mound of snow at MIT called the Alps of MIT

5 story mound of snow at MIT called the Alps of MIT

Another month just went by and it is time to wrap it up with the monthly JBoss news blog post. We’ve all be busy thinking about how to make developers life much easier and published a number of articles, blogs and examples on how to get the most out of JBoss products and projects. As usual, this post tries to highlight the best of the best and I strongly recommend to follow the JBoss Weekly Editorial for a more timely update on what’s happening in the community.

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