Red Hat and Hortonworks Alliance – lots for developers

Announcement:  “Hortonworks and Red Hat Deepen Strategic Alliance”

Here are some highlights from Monday’s announcement:

“Immediate initiatives that are included in the expanded Hortonworks and Red Hat strategic alliance include

  • “Data architects will be able to combine data in a single, scalable open source repository. Available in beta software version, the Hortonworks Data Platform (HDP) combined with Red Hat Storage provides a secure and resilient general-purpose storage pool with multiple interfaces, including Hadoop, POSIX and OpenStack Object Storage (Swift). This can improve flexibility and speed the development and deployment of new and existing analytic workflows.

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DevOps in Straight English – Part 2 of 2

DevOps in Straight English – Part 2 of 2

In Part 1, we talked a bit about this DevOps thing and why people won’t stop talking about it. In Part 2, we’ll talk about the areas where you can change your IT focus today to help benefit from DevOps.

A classic mistake is to focus primarily on the tools associated with successful DevOps shops. It’s not as if you can bring up your own Deployinator and suddenly become as high-functioning an IT shop as Etsy. The tooling is important, but won’t succeed if used for its own sake. The most relevant tooling is used to support a culture that can consume it effectively.

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Deployment to Upgrade: Puppet OpenStack Modules Are Your Friends

Since the announcement of RDO and Red Hat OpenStack at the Spring 2013 OpenStack Summit, these have arguably become two of the most popular ways to install OpenStack. Both use the puppet-openstack modules to install OpenStack, and are just a sampling of the OpenStack installers that are based on Puppet.

While the modules were created here at Puppet Labs, earlier this year we released them to the community as a set of projects in Stackforge. The vibrant community of contributors who keep making the modules more awesome continues to grow.

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