What will DevOps in Red Hat IT look like in a few months?

This is a brief story about DevOps at Red Hat IT in the near future. It’s fiction–all the individual and team names are fabricated–but it’s grounded in very real and typical circumstances.The goal is to describe some of the business capabilities one can expect after making some moderate investments in DevOps, and then debrief on what investments were made to be able to tell this success story. It aims to be relatable to anyone working in corporate IT, technical or otherwise.

Note, some of the capabilities described here will be enabled by the work in progress by Red Hat IT on Release Engine (github link). When we refer to “Release Engine” in the story this is what we’re talking about; it’s the one name that’s not fictional.

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RHEL 7 RC now available – has RHSCL 1.1 support

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 Release Candidate now available

“As mentioned during Red Hat Summit 2014 last week, we are excited to announce that Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 Release Candidate (RC) is now publicly available for testing. A pre-release build of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7, Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 RC offers a near-final look at Red Hat’s flagship operating system crafted for the open hybrid cloud, building upon the feedback collected during the beta program for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.”  Read all of today’s announcement.

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PyCon 2014 session – Outreach Program for Women: Lessons in Collaboration

As we mentioned previously, here’s the video of Red Hat’s Marina Zhurakhinskaya’s PyCon 2014 NA session, Outreach Program for Women: Lessons in Collaboration.

Abstract:  “Since 2010, the GNOME Foundation’s Outreach Program for Women has provided 130 women with an opportunity to participate in remote internships with 23 Free Software organizations. This talk will cover the history of the program, what makes it successful, how the same strategies can be used for engaging all new contributors, and what other initiatives help increase diversity in Free Software.”

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April customer quote of the month

I had the pleasure to speak with hundreds of people at PyCon (and kudos to their organizers as they turned out a great event) and DevNation (another excellent event along with Red Hat Summit that really filled up the Moscone center in San Francisco), and the responses about Red Hat Software Collections were extremely positive and consistent.  This succinct comment was my favorite:

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Accidental DevOps day at DevNation and Red Hat Summit

There is only one day left for Red Hat Summit and DevNation, and my brain is about at capacity for what it will be able to remember! I had a most excellent day yesterday (Wednesday) and I am so proud of my teammates. They rocked their presentations!

The amusing and frustrating part about the day was that I had 2-3 presentations picked out for each time slot, and it was very hard to make a decision on where to go. Is “eeny, meeny, miny, mo” an appropriate way to select talks? I also did not intend to get three talks into a day that all had something to do with DevOps!

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Tech Fun Day at DevNation – a review of Tuesday

WARNING: Shameless plug! If you do nothing else today, you should go to these two Red Hat Summit tracks. Not only are the guys speaking the smartest dudes in the room, closet super heroes and have all held world records for Olympic speed walking, they work in the same department as me and can give you a look into how Red Hat IT is using Red Hat products.

Meeting the challenge with PaaS: OpenShift in the enterprise – 10:40 with Tom Benninger, Andrew Butcher, and Anderson Silva — Track Details

Red Hat JBoss Middleware in the trenches – 3:40 with Tim Bielawa and Andrew Block* — Track Details *Andrew is in consulting at Red Hat, but since he presenting with my teammate Tim, he gets a shameless plug too. 😀 

Now… let’s talk about what I did all day yesterday.

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