DevNation Tuesday is Tech Fun Day

I decided to theme each day of my DevNation conference attendance so that I could achieve some sense of a goal and also help me select which tracks to attend. For Tuesday, I went with the “go to something you love, or something you know nothing about” theme.

Here is where I will be:
10:40-11:40 DevAssistant: What’s in it for you? with Bohuslav Kabrda
If I achieve nothing else in the next two years of my career with Team Inception, I want to be aware of the current technologies that make developer’s lives easier. Since we have similar issues here in Red Hat IT, I’d love to see what DevAssistant can potentially do for the developers within the department… possibly see if it can be extended for other purposes?

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How to add a new package to RHSCL perl516 for RHEL

The Red Hat Software Collection (RHSCL) perl516 contains only a part of the packages which are packaged in RHEL or Fedora. It is not hard to add a new package to RHSCL. The following steps show how to convert a conventional spec file into a Software Collection spec file. The SCL spec file can then be used in both the conventional package and the Software Collection. We will use perl-Pod-Perldoc is used for an example.

Before you start, spec2scl rpm has to be installed.

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Being Better – a Delivery Efficiency Continuum

Last time we started on our Journey to Delivery Efficiency with a conversation on The Thing, The Life, and The Who (see the post here). In other words, we need to know what the thing is, that it has a lifecycle during which different people care (the who). These basic elements set us up for being able to care for these things throughout their lifecycle and ultimately be Faster, Better, Stronger, and Wiser in their delivery.

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DevOps Dream Day

Not sure how the DevNation team managed to do this without talking to me, but it appears they custom tailored Monday’s tracks specifically for me… oh, and probably for everyone else who is going that is interested in DevOps. 🙂 Thanks DevNation; thrilled to be able to go!

If you haven’t already taken a look at the line-up, now is the time to do it.  Here is where I will be on Monday:

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Red Hat has been working on new and innovative ways to deliver alternate versions of system software for some time. In 2012, we released the 1.0 of the Red Hat Developer Toolset (DTS) which was the first product to use Software Collections. About six months ago, Red Hat took the wraps off of Red Hat Software Collections 1.0 for Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL). Now we’re pleased to announce, a project for creating, hosting, and delivering community created Software Collections for RHEL, CentOS, and Fedora.

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Apache with various PHP versions, using SCL

RHSCL 1.1 Beta is available and provides Apache httpd 2.4, PHP 5.4 and PHP 5.5.

The most common configuration for Apache and PHP uses mod_php, but this only allows a single PHP version. Apache httpd 2.4 introduces mod_proxy_fgci which can simply redirect requests to a php-fpm backend.

This article shows a simple way to use a single Apache server and simultaneously run 3 versions of PHP (5.3, 5.4 and 5.5). The same site will be served through 3 sub-URL.

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