Now available – Red Hat Software Collections 2.4 and Red Hat Developer Toolset 6.1

Today, we are announcing the general availability of Red Hat Software Collections 2.4, Red Hat’s latest set of open source web development tools, dynamic languages, and databases. We are also announcing Red Hat Developer Toolset 6.1, which helps to streamline application development on Red Hat Enterprise Linux by giving developers access to some of the latest, stable open source C and C++ compilers and complementary development tools.

New language additions to Red Hat Software Collections 2.4 include:

  • Nginx 1.10
  • Node.js v6
  • Ruby 2.4
  • Ruby on Rails 5.0
  • Scala 2.10

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Running Spark Jobs On OpenShift


A feature of OpenShift is jobs and today I will be explaining how you can use jobs to run your spark machine, learning data science applications against Spark running on OpenShift.  You can run jobs as a batch or scheduled, which provides cron like functionality. If jobs fail, by default OpenShift will retry the job creation again. At the end of this article, I have a video demonstration of running spark jobs from OpenShift templates against Spark running on OpenShift v3.

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