False cacheline sharing: New tool to pinpoint where it's happening – DevNation talk

Is your application’s performance having problems scaling properly?  If so, do you know if it’s due to false cacheline sharing – causing the ping-ponging of cachelines between NUMA nodes?

False sharing occurs when one or more processes or threads repeatedly modifies data co-located in the same cacheline.  This forces the other processes and threads to invalidate their cached copies and reload, often from main memory, with the updated values.  This can slow programs down considerably.

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DevNation Forecast – Cloudy with a Chance of Software Collections

I just can’t wait for DevNation, can you? I mean, conferences that bring together such a great amount of great people talking about great projects are just great!

I think we all know the two big topics of present: clouds and containerization. But the DevNation schedule shows that much more is going on. Personally, I can’t wait to see “Eleven Ceylon Idioms” by Gavin King. I’ve kept my eye on Ceylon language from its beginning and I think it really has the potential to become a “big language”.

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DevNation talks I want to see, by Matt Newsome

We’ve just over a month to go until Red Hat Summit 2014 and the newly rebranded DevNation conference open their doors in San Francisco’s Moscone Center South, located in the heart of downtown San Francisco.

While we’re putting the finishing touches to our great new product releases for developers, we’re also really looking forward to attending the conferences ourselves. They present a great opportunity for like-minded developers to come together, see what’s new and share ideas – all part of the “Open Source way” Red Hat embodies.

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DevNation developer event registration now open

The DevNation agenda is now live ( and registration is open!  With over 250 submissions, 43 selected sessions, 12 birds-of-a-feather panels, full day training courses, a hackathon, and an evening event, we hope to make DevNation an amazing event targeting and featuring the Developer and DevOps communities. The conference has participation from Twitter, Netflix, Facebook, Hortonworks, ThoughtWorks, Docker, the Eclipse Foundation, the jQuery Foundation, the Java Community Process, Docker, countless others, and of course, Red Hat!