Day One at DevNation – through a DevOps Lens

With the individual tracks coming to close on Day One at DevNation conference, I wanted to share the key takeaways, funny comments, and facepalm moments I experienced.

Agile architecture and design with Neal Ford 

One of the most compelling presentations of the day, Neal validated a lot of the decisions that I have been involved in over the past 5 months in a DevOps enablement team; specifically around the most memorable quote of the talk:

“Defer design decisions until the last possible responsible moment. The longer the delay, the more relevant the data for design.” -Neal Ford

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DevNation Tuesday is Tech Fun Day

I decided to theme each day of my DevNation conference attendance so that I could achieve some sense of a goal and also help me select which tracks to attend. For Tuesday, I went with the “go to something you love, or something you know nothing about” theme.

Here is where I will be:
10:40-11:40 DevAssistant: What’s in it for you? with Bohuslav Kabrda
If I achieve nothing else in the next two years of my career with Team Inception, I want to be aware of the current technologies that make developer’s lives easier. Since we have similar issues here in Red Hat IT, I’d love to see what DevAssistant can potentially do for the developers within the department… possibly see if it can be extended for other purposes?

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DevOps Dream Day

Not sure how the DevNation team managed to do this without talking to me, but it appears they custom tailored Monday’s tracks specifically for me… oh, and probably for everyone else who is going that is interested in DevOps. 🙂 Thanks DevNation; thrilled to be able to go!

If you haven’t already taken a look at the line-up, now is the time to do it.  Here is where I will be on Monday:

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DevNation Speakers: An Interview with Catherine Robson on UX

Here’s what Red Hat’s Catherine Robson, UX designer, had to say about DevNation.

What session are you giving at DevNation?

I’m presenting User Experience Bootcamp on Tuesday at 1:20pm.   Here’s the abstract:

“Do you have to design websites or applications for your company? Do you feel like they just don’t compare to apps and websites you regularly use?

Learn how to apply user-centric design principles and visual design basics to bring your applications from bland to beautiful. From mobile to web to applications, these practices will bring your design skills to the next level. We’ll cover some guerrilla usability tactics that anyone can do, visual design principles that make any design look cleaner, and how to focus your application around user tasks over system design.”

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DevNation Speakers – an interview with Oved Ourfali, RHEV guru

Oved Ourfali (@ovedou), Senior Software Engineer at Red Hat, and oVirt community member, will be speaking at DevNation.  Here is what he had to say about the DevNation developer conference.

What session are you giving at DevNation?

Advanced Integration with the oVirt engine“, a talk that aims to teach how one can extend and customize oVirt to fit its needs, by using oVirt plugin mechanisms: UI, Scheduling and Host plugins (VDSM hooks).

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DevNation Speaker: Interview with Mark Little

I had a chance to catch-up with Mark Little, VP of Engineering at Red Hat, to discuss his DevNation involvement and I could feel his enthusiasm through the phone line.  Here’s what Mark shared about DevNation (and even a bit about Red Hat Summit).

What sessions are you giving at DevNation?

  • The first session is the Developer Keynote on Monday (4:00-5:00 in Hall A) with Craig Muzilla, SVP of Red Hat.  Previously called the Middleware Keynote, this typically kicks off Summit (and now DevNation) and traditionally has very high attendance with 1000’s of people.  Attendees historically love this keynote because it’s part presentation and part demo and always includes a surprise or three!
  • I’ll also be delivering a Summit session too:  “The future of middleware:  Java, enterprise engineering, and Fuse.”  We have lots to say about cloud, new offerings, polyglot, etc.
  • You’ll also likely see me at the ARM Birds-of-a-Feather where we’ll do some coding on some ARM devices.  Same with DevNation Hacknight on Wednesday evening.

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