WannaCry Ransomware: Who It Affected and Why It Matters

Technology is an ever-expanding market full of opportunity and dedicated to making our lives more convenient and advanced in the process. Countless companies across the world have recognized the power in embracing technology to survive and prosper and, with this being said, the world has never been more advanced than it is today — with a future as bright as the people creating it. Furthermore, although many people believe that the modern generation is completely out of their minds and “lazy”, what they do not realize is that this form of innovation and free thinking is exactly what makes these “digital natives” so similar to their ancestors of the Industrial Revolution before them.

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Riviera Dev/JUDCon: Riviera 2017 Recap

I returned late Sunday night from a trip to the south of France, where I was privileged to speak about Microservices, OpenShift, and how to do it all on Node.js. The conference was RivieraDev/JUDCon: Riviera 2017 and took place in Sophia Antipolis, near Nice, Cannes, St. Tropez and other fabulous Mediterranean cities on the southeastern coast of France.

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Trip Report: April 2017 WG14 Meeting


The week of April 3, I attended a meeting of WG14, the C standardization committee, in Markham, ON.  Markham is a suburb of Toronto about 40 minutes drive north. Unlike Toronto itself, it’s not a particularly interesting destination. We had four days of rain followed by snow, freezing temperatures, and the wind, which was perfect for spending time indoors and made it easy to resist any temptation to go sightseeing.

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ELK Exploration Companion


ELK (or Elastic stack) is the name for the Elasticsearch/Logstash/Kibana stack. Logstash gets log information, reports it to Elasticsearch for searching, and Kibana lets you analyze it. While the tools work independently, and with other software, they play together especially well. To understand what’s going on, let’s look at each one individually. This guide is meant to be a bit of a guided tour to each of these services.

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Continuously Building a Book

I’m thrilled to announce the availability of a mini-book about Eclipse Vert.x. This book focuses on the development of reactive microservices in Java and covers reactive systems and reactive programming.

Writing a book, even for a mini-book is a tough task. While writing code and writing a book are very different experiences, you can apply the same process and good practice. I would like to list a couple of tips I’ve used to make the writing a bit easier.

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O’Reilly Authors are Heading to Summit – microservices, raspberry pi hacks, .NET and more.

Red Hat Summit is just around the corner in Boston and we are preparing just a few of the many Red Hat authors for their book signings.  We’ve given them 6 steps to signing books:

  • Step 1: Get books ordered.
  • Step 2: Get to Boston.
  • Step 3: Bring a marker.
  • Step 4: Bring a spare marker.
  • Step 5: Show up at the right time.
  • Step 6: Enjoy sharing your work with attendees!

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