Thomas Segismont

I am a Vert.x core team member, with a special interest for clustering and monitoring. I started as a developer almost 15 years ago and worked on various projects (finance, tourism, banking, hosting). I joined Red Hat in 2012, contributing to the Hawkular time series database. I live in Marseille, France with my wife and four kids.

Areas of Expertise

Java, Vert.x, Reactive, Monitoring

Recent Posts

Server-side Kotlin with Eclipse Vert.x at JavaOne

I was lucky enough to speak at JavaOne 2017 last month. It was my first time there, as both an attendee and a speaker.

I must say I was very much impressed. In particular, during the keynotes, I was happy to see how Java is moving forward, keeping up with the fast innovation pace in the cloud area.

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