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Container Orchestration Specification for better DevOps

The world is moving to microservices, where applications are composed of a complex topology of components, orchestrated into a coordinated topology.

Microservices have become increasingly popular as they increase business agility and reduce the time for changes to be made. On top of this, containers make it easier for organizations to adopt microservices.

Increasingly, containers are the runtimes used for composition, and many excellent solutions have been developed to handle container orchestration such as: Kubernetes/OpenShift; Mesos and its many frameworks like Marathon; and even Docker Compose, Swarm and SwarmKit are trying to address these issues.

But at what cost?

We’ve all experienced that moment when we’ve been working long hours and think “yes, that feature is ready to ship”. We release it into our staging environment and bang, nothing works, and we don’t really know why. What if you could consistently take the same topology you ran in your development workspace, and run it in other, enterprise grade, environments such as your staging or production, and expect it to always JUST WORK?

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